Pet Dental Care

pet dental care

There are a wide range of different elements that make up comprehensive pet care. One that often gets overlooked in favor of more obvious areas of care is our pet’s dental health. Our animals need to have strong, healthy teeth too. Not only do they rely on them for eating, but many also use their teeth to pick up objects or to defend themselves if the need arises. Without them, life can be difficult, and your pet may be left feeling vulnerable.

Poor dental health and oral problems are just as debilitating for pets too. Toothache is a miserable issue to have, particularly for animals who many not realize why they are in pain. Studies have also found that poor dental health also increases your pet’s risk of developing other, more general conditions. These include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and more.

Fortunately, you don’t have to care for your pet’s teeth alone. We are pleased to be able to offer our patients comprehensive professional dental care here at our veterinary clinic in Conneaut, OH.

What Is Included Pet Dental Care?

Our comprehensive pet dental care service comprises of a number of different aspects. These include the following:

Regularly scheduled dental assessments

Just like we are usually recommended to visit our dentist at least once a year, so too are our pets. These are the perfect opportunity for your veterinary dentist to assess the condition of your pet’s teeth, spot any developing problems early before they cause him pain or other symptoms and enable prompt treatment. By attending these appointments, your pet could entirely avoid a whole range of debilitating dental issues.

Professional cleans

Cleaning your pet’s teeth should be incorporated into his usual grooming routine. This sounds harder than it actually is, and with practice, most owners can do a fairly decent job of brushing their pet’s teeth and removing any plaque that can cause decay and eventually gum disease. However, the best way to make sure that they are as clean as possible is to schedule a professional clean at least once a year. This is done under sedation or general anesthetic which will ensure that your pet remains completely still and calm so that our experienced veterinary dentists can reach every corner and crevice of your pet’s mouth and teeth. We have the tools and techniques needed to remove stubborn tartar build-up and leave your pet with teeth that are as healthy and full-functioning as possible.

Dental diagnosis and treatment

If your pet is found to be experiencing issues with his teeth, our knowledgeable veterinary dentists are able to use their experience to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the most suitable treatment. Some of the most common dental treatments for pets include the following:

  • Cavity fillings

  • Extractions

  • Restoration of damaged teeth

  • Treatment for stomatitis

  • Treatment for feline resorption

  • Oral surgery for problems such as impacted teeth

In addition to this, we are also able to provide all the advice and support you need to properly care for your pet’s teeth, including information about nutrition and brushing.

Don’t overlook your pet’s dental health. Call Conneaut Creek Veterinary Clinic in Conneaut, OH today to schedule an appointment at our veterinary offices in Conneaut, OH 440-306-3400.