What are some healthy foods for pets?​​​​​​​

Healthy Pet Food

As humans, most of us are aware of the importance of choosing foods that’s are both healthy and nutritious. However, if we are responsible for a pet it is just as important that we extend this courtesy to our animals. Doing so can contribute towards your beloved furbaby enjoying a long, healthy and happy life with your family.

For this reason, most veterinarians in Conneaut firmly advocate that you follow a specific diet of manufactured pet food that is designed specifically for the breed, age and nutritional requirements of your animal. Nevertheless, most owners also love to spoil their pet by sharing human foods with them too – sometimes even in place of their manufactured foods. While eating human food from time to time shouldn’t present a problem for your pet, you still need to ensure that you choose produce that is rich in nutritional value for him to get the health benefits that they offer.

So, what are some healthy foods that your pet can eat? It is important to remember that cats should eat a primarily carnivorous diet as this is what keeps them healthy. For this reason, although there are some non-meat foods that your cat can eat, protein should account for the vast majority of her diet. However, since dogs are omnivores and can remain healthy on a varied diet, some of the foods listed below are more suitable for a canine than a feline.

Vegetables for your pet to enjoy

Unsurprisingly, most vegetables are nutrition-dense and perfectly safe for your beloved furbaby to tuck into. Always choose fresh wherever possible, as processed vegetables often contain additives. Some veggies that you can share with your cat or dog include:

  • Pumpkin. Not to be consumed in excess as it can cause digestive upset, but pumpkin is rich in fiber and packed with goodness.
  • Carrots. A fantastic way to boost your pet’s vitamin A levels.
  • Peas. Cooked peas are sweet and make a great treat for training.
  • Broccoli. These delicious vegetables contain lots of vitamins C and K.
  • Green beans. A good source of fiber as well as being packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Sweet potato. A firm favorite with many animals, particularly dogs.
  • Spinach. Full of vitamins including A, K and C, as well as iron and calcium, spinach is a perfect cat-friendly treat.
  • Cucumber. Boost your pet’s hydration by offering slices of cool cucumber.

Fruits that are healthy, nutritious snacks for your pet

If your pet has a sweet tooth, fruit makes an ideal choice of human food to share with him. Many fruits can also be dried and used as a treat when teaching and training your furbaby. Particular favorites amongst animals include:

  • Blueberries. Well known for being a source of antioxidants, blueberries are ideal to take out with you or to use a treat when training your pet.
  • Apples. Sweet and crunchy, these are very popular. Remember to remove the seeds are these are toxic if eaten since they contain a small amount of cyanide.
  • Strawberries. Particularly popular with dogs, sweet strawberries are full of Vitamin C and natural fiber.
  • Pears. Like apples, if you feed pears to your pet you must first remove the seeds.
  • Banana. Nothing beats a juice banana – another highly nutritious snack. In the summer, bananas can be frozen and given to your pet as a cooling popsicle.

Other healthy foods for your pet to enjoy

  • Whole grains. Oats contain a lot of protein per calorie and have a texture that cats enjoy.
  • Fish. Another very popular healthy treat for cats, although dogs will quite happily tuck into fish too. Ensure any bones have been removed so there is no choking hazard to your furbaby.
  • Eggs. Cooked eggs are a great source of protein for any pet.
  • Cheese. Cheese should be given sparingly since many animals are intolerant to dairy. However, if your pet likes it, a couple of cubes of cheese make a good treat.
  • Peanut butter. Dogs absolutely love the taste of peanut butter, and a little smeared onto the end of his favorite biscuit is bound to be a very popular snack.
  • Lean meat. Cubes of cooked chicken, turkey or beef are healthy, high-protein treats that can be given when desired or used in training. Be careful not to reheat, and to use quickly before it spoils.

If you would like more advice on healthy foods that you can share with your pet, please contact our vets in Conneaut and someone will be able to give you more specific advice.