Senior Pet Health Care

senior pet health

As our pets age, they often require additional care that was not necessary when they were younger. It is important to plan appropriately for this time and find a vet that you trust that can help you work through some of the issues that your pet may face.

Walking Through Pet Care

We are often smitten with pets on the day that we first bring them home. There is no doubt that furry puppies and kittens are absolutely adorable! However, as we grow and age with our pets, we welcome them in as family members. One of the most rewarding experiences of pet ownership is being able to know and understand your animal’s unique behaviors and how they will react.

Of course, as time progresses, your pet passes from puppy, adolescent, fully grown, and then into its senior years. While your animal may not spring out of bed as quickly, or chase down that tennis ball with as much vigor, you can still see that they have years of enjoyment left. It is up to you to make sure that they are taken care of through this time.

Some Considerations

As our pets age, they become susceptible to a variety of different conditions. Some of these are caused by the years of use of their joints, and they begin to wear down. Other issues, such as cancer may simply be reflective of more time spent alive and exposure to different factors in the environment, or genetic issues. However, just because the potential for health issues increases, it does not mean that you simply need just to watch a decline in your pet. Instead, being proactive can ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy for longer.


While it may seem counterintuitive to have your pet exercise, a regular regimen of exercise can help to cut down on excess weight and improve blood circulation with oxygen-rich blood to the joints. If your pet has already developed arthritis or has signs of arthritis, schedule an appointment with Conneaut Creek Veterinary Clinic today. We can help you find some exercises that are appropriate for your animal.

Quality Food

Our bodies can only function as well as we fuel them. This is true for humans as well as pets. Instead of simply reaching for the cheapest bag of animal food, consider the ingredients that are in their food. Ensure that you are feeding them a high-quality diet that is suitable for them. There are a variety of different options on the market so it can be overwhelming to find the right food. If you have questions about the best food for your animal, ask your veterinarian today. Conneaut Creek Veterinary Clinic’s staff have the knowledge to help you make determine what is right for you.

Parasite Prevention

Sicknesses or disease can be increasingly difficult for pets to recover from as they age. Using the prevention measures that you have at your disposal can pay dividends for your animal’s health. At Conneaut Creek Veterinary Clinic, we understand the local environment and the seasonal issues that can affect your pet that is specific to our region.

Brush Their Teeth

Just as good oral hygiene is important for humans, it plays a big role in animal health too. Check and brush your pet’s teeth regularly to keep them in top condition. There are a variety of illnesses that can hide in the bacteria in your animal’s mouth and cause them issues down the road.


If you have a senior pet and are looking for a vet to fit their needs, call Conneaut Creek Veterinary Clinic in Conneaut, OH today 440-306-3400. Learn how we can make a positive impact on you and your loved one.